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School Counseling and Developmental Guidance

The school counselor’s mission is to help all students see themselves as unique and important individuals, while helping them to succeed to his/her fullest potential in school and throughout life.  The counselor works with the school principal to plan, design, and provide a comprehensive guidance and counseling program that aligns with the mission of the school in helping to promote the academic success of all students in an atmosphere that is positive, safe, caring and conducive to learning.

Components of the school counseling program may be delivered through developmental guidance lessons, individual and or small group counseling.  Developmental guidance is an integral part of the educational program.  It is preventative and proactive in nature and designed appropriately for all students.  The counselor teaches lessons in the classroom on a variety of topics including those to meet the WV and ASCA (American School Counseling Association) national standards of academic, career, and personal/social needs.

The school counselor may also provide individual, and or small group counseling on an as needed basis to help students learn and practice appropriate social and relationship skills, positive school behaviors, and any other concerns that may be interfering with success at school.  Students may be referred by teachers, parents, Student Assistance Team (SAT), or self-referral.

The school counselor also collaborates and consults with agencies in the community to help provide resources and assist in referrals for families when needed.  A comprehensive school guidance and counseling program is most effective with the efforts of parents, teachers and students all working together!